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Owner & Head Chef

Growing up, Toni’s father often called her into the kitchen to watch him cook dinner and create his authentic apple strudel.  She also found herself admiring her mother rolling tortillas and baking Danish puff perfectly.  Toni also enjoyed making the family’s traditional zucchini bread all together.  (A breakfast favorite!)  Being in the kitchen is not only familiar to her, but a way of life and full of memories.

During school, Toni declined the assumed 'female' Home Economics course, fully confident she was well versed from her upbringing.  She instead engaged in other courses: Drafting, Small Engines, and Drawing.  Toni already had a love in the kitchen, but now had bloomed another passion...designing projects with her hands using symmetry and balance through pencils, pistons, and paper, which inevitably influenced her baking decor to evolve.

What started as an idea in 2019 while meal prepping, Toni has created NoFork into a reality today.  Blending her passion of being in the kitchen and creating a beautifully balanced finished product, came the drive for individual portions as she found herself hosting events. “Not only do these desserts impeccably replicate, but it solves the problem of no one wanting to be first to cut the cake!”  

Between family history, an addiction to sugar, and a love for art, Toni strives to present a harmony of both an incredible tasting, and aesthetically pleasing product.  Ditch the forks and celebrate!

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